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"Amir is here, have no fear"!

"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones"
Here is a page to lubricate your bones!

I would like to confess, I'm a ginger head
[at least I used to be...].   

In Israel they used to say: "ginger is not a colour, it is a character!"

Even according to the original Hebrew text of the Bible, King David had red hair and may be blue eyes [just like me!].

May I share with you one of the local stories?

One day a vicar, a priest and a rabbi were spending a days fishing on the Sea of Galilee. At lunchtime they realised that they had left their picnic basket on the shore.  So the vicar said, "I'm going to fetch the sandwiches" and true enough he walked on the water and brought the sandwiches.  Once they finished the sandwiches, the priest said "I'm going to fetch the beer". And true enough he walked to shore and brought the beer back to the boat.  Then the vicar and the priest asked the rabbi to get the coffee.  So the rabbi stepped out of the boat and drowned.
Then the priest said to the vicar: "do you think we should have told him where the stepping stones were?"


The rest of the page is waiting for your own names and short jokes!

Has the guide had enough of his people ?

Group's feeding time [sharing the wealth...]

Have the people had enough of their guide?

Seagull Tales - click on the link to download the story:


English version


Hebrew Version


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