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Sea of Galilee


Garden of Gethsemane

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Banias waterfalls

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There are many different aspects to Israel and, according to your groups particular interest, you may wish to tailor your tour:
[a suggested itinerary]


Archeology & History

Archeological sites abound about Israel enabling you to witness ancient sites which are continually being uncovered (excavations are going on in many places around Israel all the time). For example, in and around Jerusalem, Beit Shean or Bethsaida [on the shore of the Sea of Galilee].
Sometimes there is a possibility of participating in the excavations.

Hezekiah's tunnel in City of David

Beit Shean excavation - part of the theatre

Bethsaida on Sea of Galilee home place of some of the disciples

Your tour can be structured to encompass your particular areas of interest.

Nature & Adventure

As Israelis we take great pride in the Land.  The landscape varies from the waterfalls and lakes in the north to the vast desert areas in Judea and the Negev and the coastal resort of Eilat on the Red Sea [which has facilities for various water sports].

Touring the land can be varied to take on board hiking, camel and jeep rides, kayaking and scuba diving.


For the more adventurous, there is gliding over Megiddo - even my sponsor from "esp" has tried it!

Other Tours
In addition you could arrange tours of a specific topic such as:-

Photographer's tour
Agricultural tour

Israeli cultural tour [investigating the kibbutz movement & structure and the Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv etc.]

Finally, of course, we mustn't forget a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel, together with the religious ceremony which could be organised with a rabbi on top of Massada or at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.


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